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We go undercover.  So you don't have to.
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Trusted by millions, we purchase every product we rate. We don't accept free samples. We don't accept paid advertising. We give you the unbiased truth. So you know what works. What doesn't.
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If you haven't seen us in a while, peek inside an issue risk-free
and see what we've been up to.
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Sure, we'll still name names and tell you who makes the best cars ... the best cameras ... and the best countertops.
  • We'll still reveal the best TV's and vacuum cleaners.
  • Which fast food chains serve the worst burgers ... and which sunscreens fail to protect as claimed.
  • Which $27/gallon of white interior paint made domestically covered just as well as an imported brand selling for $110/gallon.
  • Which cars are safest in crashes and which have the worst records on repairs?
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Now we'll also help you and your family
live more healthful and productive lives.
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Throughout the year, we'll help you and your family stay healthy and make wise choices among all the complex options that are available today.
  • The best hospitals for heart surgery.
  • How to cut the cable cord and get free TV.
  • How to keep your financial information from falling into hacker hands.
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If just one tip can save you thousands ... or protect your health ...
isn't it worth sending for your RISK-FREE issue today?
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Every issue of Consumer Reports helps take the risk out of shopping, the stress out of choosing, the gamble out of buying.

We name names. Print prices. List model numbers. And reveal how each product performs and whether it is likely to last.

So you can:
  • Save money
  • Save time
  • Protect your health and safety
  • Have peace of mind
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There's no risk to sample an upcoming issue. No obligation.
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